Before calling an engineer for a repair on your Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Electric Over or Dishwasher, here are some of the most common problems you can check for yourself

Always remove plug from the electrical socket before attempting any repairs

Common Washing Machine Problems

Washing Machine Not Draining

Washing machine not draining could be a blocked filter or drain hose, filters are often located at the bottom front of the washing machine behind a panel, remember if you open the filter when the drum is full of water you will get a very wet floor so have a towel and receptacle ready and drain off as much water as possible before undoing the filter completely, also check that the pump impeller turns freely.

Out Of Balance Sensor

Washing machine runs through cycle ok, drains water but will not go into full spin is a problem that can be caused by under loading the washing machine. Small heavy loads may not distribute evenly around the drum on the run up to spin the out of balance sensor will detect this and stop the washing machine spinning In order to avoid damage to the washing machine, it will keep trying to distribute the washing a number of times and then switch off. If this happens then add more washing and run the washing machine through the rinse and spin cycle.

Fabric Conditioner Compartment Doesn't Drain

Fabric conditioner compartment remaining full of water after washing is normally caused by a blocked syphon, remove the drawer and the syphon cover and check the spout that comes up from the bottom of the drawer is clean and not clogged also clean the underside of the syphon cover and refit.
If the conditioner liquid remains untouched then clean the holes directly above the conditioner compartment as these can become clogged and stop water entering the compartment.

Machine Trips Or Blows Fuses

The most common reason for this is a faulty heating element but other components such as the interlock, motor, broken or rubbing wiring the circuit board in fact most electrical parts in the machine can cause a short circuit. I do not recommend to keep changing fuses if it keeps blowing as this can turn a minor problem into a major one, it’s best to contact an engineer for most problems like this.

Washing Machine Drum Will Not Turn

Again there are a lot of reasons for this problem, normally on modern washing machines the computer will show either an error or fault code number or a sequence of flashing lights to indicate the general area the fault is. Most common is the motor brushes worn out but this does not apply to machines fitted with a digital inverter motor as they are brushless. If the machine runs through the cycle without showing any error codes then its worth checking to see if the drive belt is still attached as the computer cannot detect a broken or loose drive belt.

Very Loud Noises On The Spin Cycle

Here are a few main reasons why washing machines can be noisy.
Worn out bearings or broken drum spyder, loose counter weight, top springs on drum broken or fallen off, shock absorbers the same coin or metallic object trapped between inner and outer drum, machine not level on floor or feet not adjusted correctly or if its new then has the transit bolts been removed?


Check the rubber seal inside the door for any holes or splits (there are drainage holes in the six o clock position that are supposed to be there) check outer lip of seal where the glass touches as clothing trapped between the glass and seal can cause rips. Machines also leak from hoses, drums, dispenser (soap drawer) inlet hose washers and waste pipes.

Common Electric Oven Problems

If the oven lights up but the main oven will not work then check that the clock is not flashing, if it is then set the time and make sure the auto cook mode is not activated, this can happen in the event of a power cut. If the fan works then normally the fault is with the element or sometimes the thermostat.

Common Dishwasher Problems

If the dishwasher is not cleaning very well then check the dishwasher filters and all the holes in the upper and lower spray arms for any blockages. We think it’s best to use separate dishwasher salt as this is more effective than the all in one tablets especially in hard water areas.

Common Tumble Dryer Problems

Clean the fluff filter after each use and if you have a condenser type tumble dryer clean the condenser box every couple of months. It is not good practice to open the door of the dryer or to switch off the tumble dryer mid cycle as this can affect the thermostats and heating elements because this stops the tumble dryer from going through the gradual cool down phase.

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